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Autographed books purchased from Bookends are non-returnable.

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Last Updated: January 21st 2015

SECTION                             AUTHOR                                             TITLE 
Business                             Tony Robbins                                     Money Master
Business                              Gene Simmons                                  Me, Inc.
Children's                         Julie Andrews,                                  Very Fairy Princess-Sparkles in the Snow 
Children's                         LeVar Burton                                   The Rhino Who Swallowed A Storm
Children's                         Harlan Coben                                   Found, Seconds Away, Shelter
Children's                        Tony  Dungy                                    You Can  Do It, Justin &  The Bully,
                                                                                                     Go  Jade Go, Missing Cupcake                                                                                                                                                                    Mystery
Children's                        Susan Clayville                               See How High You Can Fly
Children's                        Callista Gingrich                            Yankee Doodle Dandy, Sweet Land of Liberty,
                                                                                                     Land of the Pilgrim's Pride
Children's                         Jeff Kinney                                      Diary of a Wimpy Kid 9 : The Long Hall
Children's                        Steve Guttenberg                            Kids from Disco
Children's                        Caroline Kennedy                           Children's Poems to Learn by Heart
Children's                        CC Sabathia                                     CC Claus
Children's                        Beth Stern                                        Yoda
Children's                        Randi Zuckerberg                           Dot
Cooking                           Dominique Ansel                             The Secret Recipes​
Cooking                            Kris Jenner                                      In The Kitchen with Kris
Cooking                           Martina McBride                             Around the Table
Cooking                           Dan Pashman                                   Eat More Better
Cooking                           Ben Pollinger                                    School of Fish
Cooking                           Robin Quivers                                  The Vegucation of Robin
Cooking                            Kathy Wakile                                  Indulge
Design                              Tom Filicia                                       American Beauty  
Fashion                             Molly Simms                                   The Everyday Supermodel                   
Fiction                              Gillian Anderson                            A Vision of Fire
Fiction                              Neal Baer                                          Kill Switch Fiction
Fiction                               David Baldacci                               The Escape
Fiction                              Stacey Bess                                      Nobody Don't Love Nobody
Fiction                              Lawrence Block                               Hope to Die
Fiction                              Jennifer Brown                               Perfect Escape
Fiction                              E.L. Doctorow                                  Sweet Land Stories
Fiction                              Mary Higgins Clark                       I've Got You Under My Skin,                                                                                                                                             The Lost Years Years, Before I                                                                                                     Say Goodbye, Remember, I Walk Alone                                                                                
Fiction                              Harlan Coben                                  Missing You,Stay Close, Shelter,Seconds Away, 6 Years
Fiction                              Michael Connelly                           Void Moon (Readers Copy) 
Fiction                              Cary Elwes                                       As You Wish
Fiction                              Patrica Engel                                   It's Not Love - It's Jus Paris
Fiction                              Kinky Friedman                              The Prisoner of Vandam Street
Fiction                              Elizabeth Gilbert                            Signature of All Things, Committed, Pilgrims, Stern Men
Fiction                              Kristin Gore                                    Sammy's Hill
Fiction                              Denis Hamill                                   Long Time Gone
Fiction                              Thomas Kelly                                 The Rackets            
Fiction                              Wally Lamb                                     We Are Water
Fiction                              Laura Lippman                               Another Thing to Fall
Fiction                              Phillip Margolin                            Wild Justice
Fiction                              Jodi Picoult                                      Leaving Time
Fiction                              Valerie Plame                                  Burned, Blowback
Fiction                              Edward Rutherford                       Remember me, The Forest
Fiction                             Ariel Saber                                       Hearts of the City, My Fathers Pride
Fiction                              R.A. Salvatore                                 Night of the Hunter
Fiction                             Victoria Trader                                Parker for Hire
Health                              Cameron  Diaz                                The  Body Book
Inspirational                   Gloria Gaynor                                 We Will Survive
Memoir                            David Archuleta                           Chords of Strength
Memoir                            George Benson                              Ben Son
Memoir                            Brian Bishop                                  Shrinkage
Memoir                            Toni Braxton                                  Unbreak My Heart
Memoir                            Barbara Bush                                  Reflections
Memoir                            George Bush                                   A Portrait of My Father
Memoir                            Jimmy Carter                                 Always a Reckoning
Memoir                            Hillary Clinton                              Living History, Hard Choices
Memoir                            Elizabeth Gilbert                           Eat Pray Love
Memoir                            Melissa Gorga                                Love Italian Style
Memoir                            David Alan Grier                           Barack Like Me
Memoir                            Grace Helbig                                   Grace's Guide
Memoir                            Derek Hough                                  Taking the Lead
Memoir                            Scott Ian                                           I'm The man
Memoir                            Billy Idol                                         Dancing With Myself
Memoir                            Grace Mirabella                            In and Out of Vogue
Memoir                            Andrew McCarthy                        Longest Way Home
Memoir                            Graham Nash                                 Graham Wild Nash Tales
Memoir                             Pat O'Brien                                     I'll Be Right Back
Memoir                            Nick Offerman                               Paddle Your Own Canoe
Memoir                            Phaedra Parks                                Southern Belle
Memoir                            Amy Purdy                                    On My own Two Feet
Memoir                            Joe Perry                                          Rocks
Memoir                            Jason Priestly                                Stirring the Pot
Memoir                            Mariano Rivera                             The Closer (Signed book plate)
Memoir                            Al & Lisa Robertson                     A New Season
Memoir                            Carlos Santana                              The Universal Tone
Memoir                            Elizabeth Smart                            My Story 
Memoir                            Arnold Swartzenegger                Total Recall
Memoir                            Michael Waltz                               Warrior Diplomat
Memoir                            Gary Wright                                  Dream Weaver
Music                               Jonas Brother                                Burning Up
Music                               John Taylor                                    Pleasure Groove CD
Non-Fiction                    Buzz Aldrin                                    Mission to Mars, Encounter with Tiber
Non-Fiction                    Drew Barrymore                           Find it in Everything
Non-Fiction                    Tom Brokaw                                   The Greatest Generation (Signed Bookplates)
Non-Fiction                    Howard Buffett                              40 Chances
Non-Fiction                    Jimmy Carter                                  Turning Point, Living Faith
Non-Fiction                    Paul Castiglia                                 Best of Archie Comics, Sonic the Hedgehog
Non-Fiction                    Lynne Cheney                                A Time for Freeedom
Non-Fiction                    Tom Filicia                                     American Beauty
Non-Fiction                    Elizabeth Gilbert                           Last American Man
Non-Fiction                    Alan Greenspan                             The Map and The Territory
Non-Fiction                    Rob Kelly                                        Hey Kids, Comics!
Non-Fiction                    Jenny McCarthy                             Stirring The Pot
Non-Fiction                    Bill McDermott                              Willers Dream
Non-Fiction                    Dick Morris                                    Condi vs. Hillary, Because He Could
Non-Fiction                    Randy Neumann                                   Fighting for Your Financial Future
Non-Fiction                    Condoleezza Rice                           Extraordinary, Ordinary People    
Non-Fiction                    Cokie Roberts                                 Founding Mothers
Non-Fiction                    Al Roker                                          Never Going Back
Non-Fiction                    Linda Rottenberg                            Crazy is a Compliment
Non-Fiction                    Roger Stone                                     Nixon's Secrets
Non-Fiction                    Jack Welch                                      Straight from the Gut
Non-Fiction                    Randi Zuckerberg                          Dot Complicated
Political                           KristenGore                                    Kristen Sammy's Hill  
Political                           Jesse Ventura                                  Democrips & Rebloodlicans & More, They Killed 
                                                                                                   the President, Don't Start the Revolution Without Me
Self Help                        Tony &  Lauren Dungy                    Uncommon Marriage          
Sports                              Usain Bolt                                          Faster Than Lightening
Sports                             Bobby Bowden,                                 Called to Coach
Sports                             John Calipari                                     Players First
Sports                             Al Clark                                              Called Out But Safe
Sports                             Victor Cruz                                         Out of the Blue
Sports                             Dan Devine                                         Simply Devine          
Sports                             Tony Dungy                                       Quiet Strength, Mentor Leader
Sports                             Mark Howe                                         Gordie Howe's Son
Sports                             Kostya Kennedy                                 Pete Rose
Sports                             Bill Madden                                        1954
Sports                             Pele                                                       Why Socceeer Matters
Sports                             Mike Tyson                                        Undisputed Truth

Sports Signed Baseballs -   Phil Rizzuto, Hank Aaron, Robinson Cano, Cal Ripkin Jr., Jose Canseco, Davis Wright,                                                       Mookie Wilson

Signed Bats - Bud Harrelson, Geroge 'Shotgun" Shuba

​Signed Basketball - Emeka Okafor

Signed Photos -  Wade Boggs, Gilles Villemure, Road Dog, Billy Gunn, Buddy Guy, Jeremy Roenick, John Smoltz, Floyd Little

Please note that availability and prices are subject to change.  
Autographed books purchased from Bookends are non-returnable.

  Contact the store at 201-445-0726 and we will complete your order over the phone. 

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