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Please note that availability and prices are subject to change.  
Autographed books purchased from Bookends are non-returnable.

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Last Updated: March 11, 2018

SECTION                             AUTHOR                                             TITLE
Business                            Tony Robbins                                   Unshakable (Bookplated), Money Master: The Game
Children's                        Laurie Hernandez                           I Got This (Bookplate)
Children's                        Hoda Kotb                                        I've Loved You Since Forever
Cooking                            Laila Ali                                            Food for Life
Cooking                            Valerie Bertinelli                             Valerie's Home Cooking
Cooking                            Patricia Heaton                                Patricia Heaton's Food for Friends and Family
Cooking                            Marissa Hermer                              An American Girl in Londo
Cooking                           Paul & Dee Dee Sorvino                  Pinot, Pasta & Parties
Cooking                           Elise Strachan                                 Sweet Celebrations 
Fiction                              Lawrence Block                             Hope to Die
Fiction                              Mary Higgins Clark         The Sleeping Beauty Killer, All Dressed in White, As Time Goes By,
                                                                                                   Every Breath You Take
Fiction                              Newt Gingrich                               Treason, Vengeance
Fiction                              James Patterson                            The Store
Memoir                             Alan Alda                                      If I Understood You, Would I Have this Look On My Face?
Memoir                             Rex Brown                                    Vulgar Display of Pantera
Memoir                            Bruce Campbell                            Hail to the Chin
Memoir                            Bill Clinton                                   My Life
Memoir                            Bruce Dickinson                            What Does this Button Do? (Bookplate)
Memoir                            Eva Gutowski                                My Life as Eva (Bookplate)                                    
Memoir                            Tyler Henry                                   Between Two Worlds
Memoir                            Scott Ian                                        I Am The Man
Memoir                            Clinton Kelly                                I Hate Everyone, Except You
Memoir                            Carson Kressley                            Does This Book Make My Butt Look Big?
Memoir                            Denis Leary                                   Why We Don't Suck
Memoir                            Chloe Lukasiak                              Girl On Pointe
Memoir                            Grace Mirabella                            In and Out of Vogue
Memoir                            Joel Osteen                                     Blessed in the Darkness
Memoir                            Property Brothers                         It Takes Two
Memoir                            Gene Simmons                               On Power 
Non-Fiction                     George W. Bush                             Portraits of Courage
Non-Fiction                    Condoleeza Rice                             Democracy
Non-Fiction                    Kelly Rowland                                Whoa Baby!
Sports                              Laila Ali                                          Reach
Sports                              Sean Avery                                      Ice Capades
Sports                              Tiki Barber                                     Tiki
Sports                              Plaxico Buress                                Giant
Sports                             Mark Collins                                   More Than a Game
Sports                             Anthony Ervin                                Chasing Water
Sports                             Mick Foley                                       St. Mick
Sports                             Mark Howe                                       Gordie Howe's Son
Sports                             Chris Jericho                                    No is a 4 Letter Word
Sports                             Chipper Jones                                  Ball Player
Sports                             Bernard King                                   Game Face
Sports                             Ray Lewis                                         I Feel Like Going On
Sports                             Carli Lloyd                                       When Nobody was Watching
Sports                             Jim Palmer                                        9 Innings to Success
Sports                             Pudge Rodrigues                              They Call Me Pudge
Sports                             Jim Ross                                            Slobberknocker 
Sports                             Lawrence Taylor                              L.T. Over the Edge
Sports                             David Tyree                                      More Than Just a Catch  
Sports                             Charlie Weiss                                   No Excuses
Sports                             Chrissie Wellington                         To the Finish Line
Sports                             Steve Young                                      QB     

Sports Signed Baseballs -  Cal Ripkin Jr., Jose Canseco, Ron Darling, Jim Palmer, David Wright, Mookie Wilson, Bengie Molina, Tommy Lasorda

Signed Bats -,George 'Shotgun" Shuba

Signed Photos -  Wade Boggs, Gilles Villemure, Jeremy Roenick, Floyd Little

Please note that availability and prices are subject to change.  
Autographed books purchased from Bookends are non-returnable.

  Contact the store at 201-445-0726 and we will complete your order over the phone. 

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