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Please note that availability and prices are subject to change.  
Autographed books purchased from Bookends are non-returnable.

Contact the store at 201-445-0726 and we will complete your order over the phone. 
Last Updated: June 6th, 2016

SECTION                             AUTHOR                                             TITLE
Children's                         Laura Bush                                       Our Great Big Back Yard           
Children's                        Susan Clayville                               See How High You Can Fly
Children's                        Callista Gingrich                            Yankee Doodle Dandy, Sweet Land of Liberty,
                                                                                                     Land of the Pilgrim's Pride, 
Children's                        Alicia Keys                                        Blue Moon
Cooking                           Amanda Freitag                              The Chef Next Door
Cooking                           Laura Prepon                                    Stash Plan
Cooking                           Robin Quivers                                  The Vegucation of Robin
Cooking                           Kimberly Schlapman                      Oh Gussie!
Cooking                           Kathy Wakile                                  Indulge
Celebrity                          Jonathan & Drew Scott                 Dream Home (Book Plate)

Fiction                              Neal Baer                                          Kill Switch Fiction
Fiction                              Stacey Bess                                      Nobody Don't Love Nobody
Fiction                              Lawrence Block                              Hope to Die
Fiction                              Jennifer Brown                               Perfect Escape
Fiction                              Robyn Carr                                     What We Find
Fiction                              Mary Higgins Clark                        All Dressed in White, As Time Goes By 
Fiction                              Harlan Coben                                  Missing You, Stay Close, Shelter,Seconds Away, 6 Years
                                                                                                      The Stranger, Fool Me Once
Fiction                              Michael Connelly                           Void Moon (Readers Copy) 
Fiction                              Patrica Engel                                   It's Not Love - It's Just Paris
Fiction                              Kinky Friedman                              The Prisoner of Vandam Street
Fiction                              Neil Gaiman                                     Trigger Warning
Fiction                              Kristin Gore                                    Sammy's Hill
Fiction                              Denis Hamill                                   Long Time Gone
Fiction                              Chris Harrison                               The Perfect Letter
Fiction                              Thomas Kelly                                 The Rackets 
Fiction                              Wally Lamb                                     We Are Water
Fiction                              Laura Lippman                               Another Thing to Fall
Fiction                              Phillip Margolin                            Wild Justice
Fiction                             Ariel Saber                                       Hearts of the City, My Fathers Pride
Fiction                             Victoria Trader                                Parker for Hire
Fiction                              Pete Wentz                                       Gray
Memoir                             Madeleine Albright                    Prague Winter
Memoir                            Gregg Allman                                My Cross to Bear
Memoir                            Carol Alt                                         A Healthy You
Memoir                            Julie Andrews                                Home
Memoir                            George Benson                              Ben Son
Memoir                             Yogi Berra                                      The Yogi Book, What Time is it?
Memoir                             Cory Booker                                 United
Memoir                             Laura Bush                                   Spoken frm the Heart
Memoir                            Gretchen Carlson                          Getting Real
Memoir                            Jimmy Carter                                Full Life/A call to Action
Memoir                            Ben Carson                                    A More Perfect Union
Memoir                            Kelly Corrigan                              Glitter 7 Glue, Middle Place
Memoir                            Hillary Clinton                              Hard Choices
Memoir                            Andi Dorfman                               It's Not Easy
Memoir                            Sarah Ferguson                             Finding Sarah
Memoir                            Lita Ford                                         Living Like A Runaway
Memoir                            Brad Garrett                                  When the Balls Drop
Memoir                            Teresa Giudice                              Turning the Tables
Memoir                            David Alan Grier                          Barack Like ME 
Memoir                            Kate Hudson                                   Pretty Happy 
Memoir                             Phil Knight                                     Shoe Dog 
Memoir                            Bill Kreutzmann                            Deal
Memoir                            Holly Madison                               Vegas Diaries
Memoir                            Angie Maretinez                             My Voixce
Memoir                            Claire McCaskill                            Plenty Ladylike 
Memoir                            Scotty McCreery                            Go Big or Go Home                         
Memoir                            Grace Mirabella                            In and Out of Vogue
Memoir                            Josh "The Fat Jew"Ostrovsky   Money People Respect
Memoir                             Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi               Strong & Sexy 
Memoir                             John Popper                                 Suck & Blow
Memoir                            Carlos Santana                              Universal Tour
Memoir                            Gene Simmons                              Me. Inc.                      
Memoir                            Elizabeth Smart                             My Story
Memoir                            David Spade                                  Almost Interesting
Memoir                             Paul Stanley                                  Facing the Music  
Memoir                             Scott Stapp                                    Sinner's 
Memoir                            Kat Von D                                      Go Big or Go Home
Non-Fiction                    Buzz Aldrin                                    Mission to Mars, Encounter with Tiber
Non-Fiction                    Ben Bernanke                                 The Courage to Act           
Non-Fiction                     Laura Bush                                       We are Afghan Women
Non-Fiction                    Cameron Diaz                                 Longevity Book
Non-Fiction                    Lynne Cheney                                A Time for Freedom
Non-Fiction                    Ron Garan                                       Orbital Perspective
Non-Fiction                    Ari Gold                                          The Gold Standar
Non-Fiction                     Ethan Hawke                                 INDEH
Non-Fiction                     Mark Levin                                    Plunder & Deceit
Non-Fiction                    Duff McKagan                                How to Be A Man
Non-Fiction                    Dick Morris                                    Condi vs. Hillary, Because He Could
Non-Fiction                    Randy Neumann                                   Fighting for Your Financial Future
Non-Fiction                    Linda Rottenberg                            Crazy is a Compliment
Sports                              Ron Darling                                      Game 7, 1986     
Sports                             Dan Devine                                        Simply Devine
Sports                             Nick Faldo                                         Swing For Life
Sports                             Tom Glavine                                     Inside Pitch 
Sports                             Phil Jackson                                      Eleven Rings
Sports                             Jerry Rice                                           50 Years, 50 Moments   
Sports                             Bill Walton                                         Back from The Dead   

Sports Signed Baseballs -  Cal Ripkin Jr., Jose Canseco, Ron Darling, Jim Palmer, David Wright, Mookie Wilson, Bengie Molina, Tommy Lasorda

Signed Bats -,George 'Shotgun" Shuba

Signed Photos -  Wade Boggs, Gilles Villemure, Jeremy Roenick, Floyd Little

Please note that availability and prices are subject to change.  
Autographed books purchased from Bookends are non-returnable.

  Contact the store at 201-445-0726 and we will complete your order over the phone. 

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